Customer, Business & Organisation

The main objective of service design is to resolve customer related challenges, while balancing them with business drivers and the organizations’ capabilities.

Understanding the customers’ perspective will provide clarity and direction needed to achieve business results, or to drive organizational change. It is important to separate business concerns from the people, structures, and capabilities that make up the organization.

Customer experience

These days customers are more in control of when, where and how they acquire products and services, and have many alternatives to choose from. With greater competition from non-traditional players inside and outside sectors, the fight is on for the customer. Businesses that have a customer focus are better prepared to attract new ones, but more importantly, keep those they already have. Read more about customer experience

Business impact

A successful business doesn’t automatically have happy customers and happy customers don’t make a business successful. Balancing business objectives, brand and products with customer needs and wants builds a robust business. In every sector – especially the ones dominated by traditional businesses – there are plenty of opportunities to design and build a business that can grow in size as well as customer base. Read more about business impact

Organisational Change

Aligning departments, channels, partners and stake holders requires management focus and priority. Dealing with internal misalignment is an important aspect of a well-run organisation but can be its pitfall by making it too internally focused. Customers are the biggest stakeholder in any organisation. Understanding customers – especially their needs and expectations of an organisation – helps simplify a lot of internal challenges around processes, systems and staff. Read more about organisational change