Social responsibility

Sustainable and desirable

Sustainable and desirable

Social responsibility agenda is now backed by governments and an ambition of many corporate leaders. The challenge is now in the delivery of new models and technologies into established sectors and organisations. A key issue can often be persuading customers to move from familiar practices to new greener options, especially if additional cost is involved. Service solutions can address these issues.

A greener offer needs to deliver green objectives but these qualities can feel very intangible. The best solutions deliver on green and non-green customer needs. An energy saving solution should also address other customer needs such as comfort, reliability or cost. The goal is not simply to reduce but to do more with less.

Outside-in thinking starts with customer needs, tailoring the service accordingly. To meet these needs we must look at the system whole to identify opportunities to use green solutions to meet multiple customer needs. The result is a more compelling service that is also cheaper and less resource intensive to run.