Medical treatment as an experience

Medical treatment as an experience

Pharma from the inside is research, development, trials and product launches. From the outside it is a wide range of treatment options that healthcare practitioners must consider for their patients. For patients it is the treatment itself, that they opt to undertake, with all the emotional and practical challenge it brings. Pharma can benefit hugely from an outside in view.

An outside-in view is hard when you must spend so much on developing and taking medicines to market. However it is essential to ensure that markets and the health system is ready for new treatments. It can give you the insight to add value to the work and lives of HCPs and patients in ways that lead to greater adoption.

It doesn’t stop at adoption. We can help the health system achieve better health outcomes by viewing a treatment not as a medicine but as a major life experience. Taking this view means we address more of the factors that contribute to successful health outcomes for individuals. From adherence to lifestyle changes a treatment needs a holistic perspective.

We can then consider stepping beyond the individual patient and HCP experience to look treatment at a health system level. What are the needs of healthcare providers and payers around a specific disease or condition? From the outside a treatment is one tool in the ecosystem to tackle say heart disease. How can pharma better integrate the tool and add greater value?