Customer context is king

Customer context is king

David Bowie said that in the future music would flow like water. He did not, however, tell us how we would monetise it. The future is here and customers have an exciting plethora of options for how content flows their way. They now need reasons to commit to any specific publisher, label or broadcaster - trusting that what they want will be there when they want it.

To answer the monetisation question advertising platforms need be able to target specific audiences and offer their commercial customers more than simply eyeballs to command premiums. Subscription businesses will have to be on their toes to win and retain customers wary of poor value for money.

As customers access and consume media in new ways, the providers they choose will be those who offer both quality of content and quality of access, discovery and collection. To do this, media providers need to understand the customer’s context of use as well as their content preferences.