Information technology

Customer experience powered by IT

Customer experience powered by IT

Information technology powers most organisations and has been instrumental in delivering many recent (service) innovations. At the same time IT systems run countless business and operational processes, often with no direct human intervention. Therein lays the challenge of using IT capabilities to achieve better customer service or experience, instead of forcing customers and staff to adhere to the rigidity of misaligned systems.

After years of investing in systems that improve operational performance, capture customer transactions and support marketing and communication, organisations are shifting their attention towards customers and the customer experience. With that change of focus comes a need for systems and processes capture, support and predict customer needs and wants better in order to attract and retain them better.

Putting the end customer experience in the centre enables a business to streamline its systems and processes towards this common goal. It also gives organisations the insights and flexibility to align their IT platforms better with the needs of customers and staff, reducing cost, waste and irritations. It is important to implement changes and improvements based on a roadmap in order to get meaningful benefits early.