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Livework Academy

An introduction training

Service Design Fundamentals

Step up your game. Learn how to create great customer experiences that benefit your business. Develop capabilities in service design.

You’ve heard about service design and want to understand more? Do you want to learn about its value and how you can start to develop a more customer-centric mindset?

Course description

This two-part event will introduce you to the fundamentals of service design.

What we’ll cover:

  • Why services need to be designed.
  • When to apply service design.
  • Essential elements in the design process and basic service frameworks.

What this course is not:

  • A set of templates.
  • A list of service design tools.
  • A comprehensive dive into every detail.

We want to show you the ‘why’ behind service design and its practices. That way, you can understand the reasoning behind the ways of working and make the methods work for you.

Learning objectives

At the end of this day, you’ll have gained an understanding of the role of service design, the key steps we take when designing services, and what value this brings to customers and organisations. You will be able to talk about and pitch service design to your peers, managers, leaders, or clients.

A very good introduction to service design, at a level easily accessible for beginners!

Program preview

At-home pre-task that covers:

What are services? Why do they need to be designed? An overview of the design process and how it’s applied to services. Reflection and activity to prepare for the live session.

Collaborative virtual session:

  • Putting knowledge into practice with service mapping.
  • Sharing Livework case: service design in the real world.
  • Live discussion and Q&A: How to overcome common obstacles and find opportunities to apply service design.
  • This session will be recorded so participants can access and review the session later. By signing up and taking part in the virtual session you agree that this recording can be used for future training or marketing purposes.

Good to know

Our training will take place online, for now.

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