Suzy Hogg

Working at the intersection of design, research and strategy, I’ve had a long career in designing and directing the creation of service strategies and digital experiences. Having occupied creative leadership roles on both the client and agency side, I’ve contributed to digital transformations and provided strategic guidance to big organisations in culture, media, mobility, government and education sectors.

An evangelist for the customer, audience or visitor, I have a deep expertise in human-centred design. Through years of experience, I have a broad practice which spans from helping clients to frame challenges, conducting ethnographic research, structuring insights into opportunities, envisioning solution hypotheses, creating and validating prototypes, and then supporting a new services dissemination within the organisation.

I am fascinated by the uniquely complex challenges people face inside organisations and passionate about enabling ‘the human layer’, as beyond harnessing new technologies and putting them to efficient use, digital transformation is about working with people to help them adapt to change.

Before joining Livework, I’ve held positions such as Creative Director at the BBC and Head of Creative for Digital at the British Museum, and recently achieved a Masters in Design Strategy and Innovation.

I’m not so green as I am cabbage looking.

As my old gran used to say

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Designing in the face of uncertainty

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