Suzanne de Vries

I am a passionate service designer who loves to create a positive impact on the challenges of today's world. My experiences vary from idea creation in the “fuzzy front end”, product & service design, meaningful branding and stakeholder management within complex multinational organisations.

After completing my master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering in 2002 I worked at FMCG multinationals on design thinking. Next to managing idea creation to implementation I built bridges between marketing, R&D and supply chain. And I also inspired people and organisations to embrace the field of opportunities in humanising business.

For me, working at Livework means to help organisations on the path towards a more sustainable and social world. Strong leadership, creating a shared vision and mobilising people are key to make that happen. Service Design plays an important role in that. It builds an atmosphere for synergy by delivering equality, honesty and trust. And Service Design also helps in defining shared goals that are not only for the business but also for the heart.

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

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