Sthefanie Guz

As a Service Designer and Project Leader at Livework, I have the opportunity to design services from the outside in, considering human behavior and a collaborative mindset as allies in defining business strategies.

From an early age, I was in touch with constant change and environments rich in cultural diversity. Today I see that this experience contributed to my genuine interest in people, in unraveling different contexts and learning from new perspectives.

Upon graduating in Business Administration stressing Foreign Trade, I started my career working with business risk consulting, where I had the opportunity to participate and lead challenging projects in various business segments, focusing on operational efficiency.

After a while, I missed a more humane approach to what I was doing and that’s when I specialized in Strategic Design and Innovation at IED São Paulo, where everything fell into place. By rescuing the relevance of people in business and understanding how to apply design principles to it, I felt that I had found a way to help improve the world around me and inspire others to do the same.

Success is taking responsibility for your lifestyle and creating something that you take pride in, surrounded by the people you love.

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