Rizwana Hussain

As a Junior Service Designer, I support the team in all phases of our work, from research through to prototyping. I utilise my visual design background to help showcase Livework’s creative and innovative thinking in a visually inspiring way.

While I was working as a graphic designer I realised that I wanted to contribute to society in a more meaningful way. I decided to expand my skills and use design to tackle complex problems and make the world a better place. This led me to undertake a Masters in service design at Hyper Island, and ultimately, to Livework.

I value the positive impact that service design can have on society and the ability that we have to shape the world around us. I’m really interested in how innovation and technology can help tackle social problems.  

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Livework Minds: It's time for Fearless Design Seminar
30 July 2020 - Session

Livework Minds: It's time for Fearless Design

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