Richard Telford

We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled team of service designers, systems thinkers, business designers, researchers and consultants.

At Livework we pride ourselves in creating smart and simple solutions to complex problems.

Passionate people creating smart solutions

We combine knowledge and experience from a broad range of disciplines to gain gems of insight, imagine unexpected approaches to challenges, communicate ideas in new ways and deliver designs that delight in their simplicity.

A creative bunch

We help our clients unleash their creative potential. We co-create equally with executives, front-line staff and customers. When we bring our creative tools to the process, long-lost ideas gain a new life and new ideas emerge. We draw and visualise to engage teams in more creative thinking, and to make ideas tangible.

Focused on impact

We strive to deliver work that is extremely useful to our clients and their situation. We work together with people to understand challenges and move beyond them through close follow-up, well-defined designs and clear communication. This enables sustainable results, with real and lasting business impact.

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