Nick Manson

I have been a senior strategist and manager in health services in the UK and internationally, working in all milieus from operational to national bodies. I am a Director of Change through Partnership (CTP) and excited to develop an association with Livework. Synergy beckons.

As a hybrid of science and social science and with experience of many care delivery and policy environments, I come with a blend of approaches. This helps me to engage effectively with the large and complex range of stakeholders in the health arena.

Using my experience in quality, knowledge, innovation and change management means I can help others introduce meaningful change.

Health and social care services are focusing more on user experience and innovation as central themes to improving quality. Yet, more can be done to bring structure and assurance to the development and spread of exciting new practices.

Livework’s approach and multi sector experience make me believe that we can add value to the health and social care aspiration of designing services that really do humanise processes. This is balanced with an approach to measurement which can ease decision making with relevant evidence.

By pairing my skills and experience with Livework we are able to contribute to a real difference in the way health and social care focus on building services around us. Something, after all, we will all benefit from.

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Medical treatment as an experience Sector

Medical treatment as an experience

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