Loura Vlam

As interim head of marketing within Livework I am in charge of developing & executing the marketing strategy in London and Rotterdam. In 2020 we are going to have great marketing activities: from hosting service design events, to insightful articles & client cases, and extending the Livework Academy.

Livework improves the way people live and work through service design. And with our marketing activities we tell you all about the work we do! 

As a marketing manager I get to organize all the fun stuff – at least in my opinion! Every day is different, from hosting events, to organizing the academy, and delivering content for our website and social channels. 

I have a background in marketing and customer experience. I have worked both from the ‘inside’ – in a  large corporation, as well as on the ‘outside’ – as a consultant. These experiences give me the foundation to become a good marketing manager. But of course I hope to keep on learning!

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