Katja Alexandra Ampudia Brödel

As a design researcher and sustainable strategist at Livework, I combine my critical thinking and service design expertise to zoom in and out of complex business, societal and climate challenges. Together with clients and partners, I explore these challenges to then design the most suitable and actionable solutions.

With a background in Industrial Design Engineering and Design Strategy, I have experience designing (circular) services and business models in different fields ranging from automotive, fashion to home appliances. My entrepreneurial spirit and natural curiosity has taken me to rethink our current status quo on a daily basis. I believe we at Livework have the power to alter the path of organisations; to build more humane and environmentally-conscious services, systems and business models that are not limiting but expansive by nature.

‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

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Katja Alexandra Ampudia Brödel
Service Designer

Katja Alexandra Ampudia Brödel

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