Joe Ayoub

I have been in the communication and marketing field in the MENA region for 25 years, working for blue-chip clients ranging from P&G to HSBC and Nissan MC. Throughout my career I have witnessed the needs and gaps that local organisations have versus global brands, and tried to capture and build strategic understanding as their markets and consumers evolve at a lightning speed.

Using my multi-sector & multi-market experience and foreseeing local and Levant companies’ need for strategic guidance, I launched the Brandcell consultancy in 2008. We develop high-level business and branding strategies for clients in the service, retail and media sectors to name a few.

Today, as we move from the industrial era to an immersive and experiential age, and as economies shift into service-dominant platforms, the Brandcell partnership with Livework will spur an extremely powerful and innovative Business Design offering that combines both the inside-out with the outside-in perspectives needed for clients to differentiate their value proposition and innovate/re-think their model towards more Human-centric approaches.

We are very excited by the new perspectives emerging from our partnership with Livework to effect meaningful difference and disrupt the status quo to re-ignite clients’ success across the region.

It’s only by looking across cultures, disciplines and deep into human aspirations that we will create and deliver solutions to our clients’ future challenges.

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Leading by Design Conference 2017

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