Jan Gorremans

As a Business Partner I assist Livework in implementing bigger business design projects that impact the entire organisation. I also represent Livework in the Belgian market.

During 23 years of business experience I implemented several organisation-wide improvement projects in different industries. These included performance measurements systems, automated warehousing and distribution, new organisational structures, e-commerce products, process improvements and industrial solar systems.  These all have no secrets for me anymore! I worked for businesses including the Express parcel industry, FMCG, Consulting, Aviation, the postal service – to name but a few.

These projects were all over Europe and acting deep within the organisations. Soon I realised that the real success of a business is defined by good leadership, an innovative climate and a happy customer. I refocused and began to specialise in organisational climate, discovering the world of Customer Experience and Service Design and so came to Livework.

I feel the combination of Livework’s service design expertise with my business experience is a perfect match to deliver and implement real Business Design solutions for any organisation. Projects that go deep in the organisation reaching the customers and making them happier – and therefore, more loyal.

Creating ‘Magic’ for your customers is only possible when you focus on and are organised around them.

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