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More and more people seek experiences that are relevant and connected with their lives, fluid and organic journeys, created for and around all of us, as humans.

When we create things through the user centred lens, questioning for what and for whom those things serve, we get connected with the essence of each product, service or interaction. That makes the design connected with the users, bringing relevance for the business.

Having a degree in Business Administration, I started my career working with franchises and after a while I turned to Marketing and Branding. That was when I got in touch with Service and Strategic Design, and when the things that, at first, seemed disconnected, began to make more sense.

We need to work the approach of design not only in their visceral level, but especially in behavioural and reflective levels. That is what I seek to do through Service Design.

The unintended design, aimed only to aesthetics, no longer makes sense.

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Service the car, serve the customers Article
Customer Relationships

Service the car, serve the customers

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