Fifi Monahan

As a service designer with a commercial background, I blend a design-led approach with commercial knowledge to develop impactful new products or solutions for organisations.

Early on, my work as a veterinary surgeon gave me a problem solving mindset and a strong understanding of problems and the people involved. Since then I have worked in global commercial organisations and Not-For-Profits in the healthcare space, managing innovation within complex contexts. Before joining Livework, I worked in the innovation team at Cancer Research UK, leading the design and testing new health interventions that could impact cancer rates.

Having crossed a number of disciplines, I see the potential in cross-pollinating knowledge from different sectors. I believe the power of design is in helping people understand alternative perspectives. 

As a designer at Livework I love helping organisations find a new point of view that can help them solve a problem or unlock a new potential.

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Medical treatment as an experience Sector

Medical treatment as an experience

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