Elisabeth Graf

Half project manager half service designer, I combine my love of organising things with the ability to synthesise and simplify. My aim is to build strong partnerships with our clients, ensuring projects get delivered successfully.

Prior to Livework, I worked at various agencies as a service designer, but before that, my most lengthy experience was working as a project manager, for various EU-funded projects focusing on topics such as innovation, sustainability and start-up development.

I speak four languages and loved the international environment of the job but was always wondering how the services we created in these three-year long projects could be more efficient and sustainable.

This is how I discovered Service Design and quit my job to study at the Politecnico di Milano.

For me leading Service Design projects means managing uncertainty. When you design from the outside-in rather than the inside-out, the solution is unknown at the start and only reveals itself during the process. It’s exactly this aspect that makes my job challenging but at the same time, uniquely rewarding.

Design everything on the assumption that people are not heartless or stupid but marvellously capable, given the chance.

John Chris Jones

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