Denise Alonso

Every company needs someone to keep the support areas working smoothly to make the lives of those in the front line departments easier. That’s my job at Livework Brazil.

I have a degree in Translation & Interpretation, and spent 3,5 years in Europe learning different languages and cultures. After returning to Brazil, I dedicated myself to organising the technologies exchanged with foreign partners of a multinational company. I believe the greatest legacy I left behind was an automated program designed by me to translate material safety data sheets and technical data sheets into Portuguese, English and Spanish languages.

I worked for 23 years at a paint manufacturing industry, where I had the opportunity of getting a lot of experience being responsible for supplying internal customers with different services and minimizing their operational issues so they could focus on their main activities.

Here, by applying the administrative and financial experience, it is possible to keep the back office structures well organised as to contribute to Live|work Brazil’s sustainable growth.

The environment is inspiring and encourages the generation of innovative ideas. After working for so long at a traditional company, it has been a great experience to work with such a creative team of designers that are fully engaged in transforming the customers’ difficulties into feasible business opportunities. Service design is a completely new world that delights me more each day.

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Service Design

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Service design brings people  out of the trenches Article
Service Design

Service design brings people out of the trenches

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