Debbie Bryant

With a background in both design and research, I thrive on understanding people’s needs in order to design services that can feasibly address them whilst offering business value.

As  a lead service designer at Livework, I’m responsible for ensuring projects are delivered on schedule, at the highest possible quality and that our clients are brought along on the journey with us. I thrive on keeping us at the  cutting edge, with a focus on how we can understand people’s needs, and create  solutions that will work  in the real world.

I joined Livework from a role as Head of Innovation at Macmillan Cancer, and prior to that as Head of Design Research in product and service strategy agency, Plan Strategic. I have worked as a design researcher and strategist for sectors ranging from consumer goods and electronics to automotive. It was whilst working at Samsung that my first endeavours in Service Design came about, working in collaboration with Engine.

Over the years, my favourite work has been when I have been able to experiment with new methodologies that get to the heart of people, and enable teams to understand not only what the current reality is, but how their ideas land when tested in real time, in context. The beauty of service design for me, is that unlike physical products, you can get out there to test your ideas and narrow down on your riskiest assumptions early.

Design has always been about problem solving. Service Design is no different, but it’s unique in providing some great frameworks and tools which simplify what can often be exceptionally complex systems.

There’s so much jargon around design, design thinking and service design, but it’s not rocket science. We simply look at and question the world around us to ensure that what we put out there is of value.

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Designing in the real world Article
Service Design

Designing in the real world

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