Daniel Letts

Originally trained as an architect, I began my working life in film and television before becoming an interaction designer, digital brand specialist, and then service designer.

A speaker at the first ever Service Design Conference hosted by Carnegie Mellon University in 2006 I have a wealth of experience as a Service Design Lead going back over 15 years. My role is to ensure that clients realise maximum value from their engagement with Service Design.

I’ve worked across numerous sectors including communications, telecoms, finance, health, transportation, FMCG, manufacturing and the public sector. 

A certified Scrum Master and CEDR Mediator, I’m obsessed by the idea that things have to make sense – that’s why I am a Service Designer.

As my father in law said:

There’s no point getting older, if you don’t get wiser.

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Designing the future of the way we Livework Blog
23 November 2020

Designing the future of the way we Livework

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