Caroline Beck

As a service design consultant I help clients to look through their customers eyes - always informed by a clear understanding of their business.

During my training in industrial design I found myself being pulled towards a more strategic focus and became more and more interested in the impact of a design approach on organisations. In my job as a service designer I found a way to combine my curiosity for understanding people and businesses with my love for design and innovation. Besides this I am also trained in persuasive design, finding new ways to influence and change people’s behavior sustainably.

I’ve worked on many projects, big and small, in both commercial businesses and semi- governmental organisations, across many different sectors. I have worked together with teachers for several Universities in the Netherlands on developing a way to educate nurses and teachers in a flexible manner, so they can combine work and studying. Additionally, I developed a way for the elderly to start a conversation about ageing and the adjustments that accompany this transition for the Dutch Ministry of Traffic. I also explored and designed the future of tradeshows for the world’s largest tradeshow organiser and have been working on improving the after sales experience of luxury brand customers.

Seeing businesses from the outside-in is only successful if it’s done with a clear understanding of the client business, culture and organisation—from an ‘inside-out-perspective’. My challenge is to bring these two perspectives together and to do so I use my design skills and clear visualisations.

I believe that the domain of service design is stepping into the realm of changing business and organisations with huge impact and Livework is at the forefront of that. Every day at Livework we take on groundbreaking projects and it’s exciting to be a part of them.


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