Anna-Louisa Peeters

As a passionate service design consultant, my speciality lies in the strategy, research and design of services in a digital environment. I am a strong believer that the most meaningful business impact is made when human needs are being met.

Born to a Brazilian creative and a Dutch physician, I grew up in an environment that was diverse on many different levels. It enabled me to thrive in a variety of contexts and sparked my love of bridging gaps between different disciplines and cultures.

This background naturally led me to study Industrial Design Engineering, where business and technology meet people from all walks of life. Over the past years, I have shifted my design focus from physical products to omnichannel services with a strong digital presence.

After several years of experience as an in-house designer at a large Dutch bank going through a digital transformation, I joined Livework to be able to dive into different design contexts again and be part of a pioneering team in service design.

Everybody knew it was impossible until a fool who didn’t know came along and did it.

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Vision in Design: fostering sustainable meat consumption College
17 December 2018 - Delft

Vision in Design: fostering sustainable meat consumption

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Service design global conference 2018 Conference
10 October 2018 - Dublin

Service design global conference 2018

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