Angela Mancini

First a customer, now an employee. In 2015, as Head of Customer Journeys & Business Architecture at a FTSE 100 company, I engaged Livework to help build service design capability inside the organisation. Together we developed what turned out to be a breakthrough approach for customer experience design in a messy, complex corporation.

Fast forward a few years, I am now Livework’s London Studio Director and Group People Director for this amazing little design powerhouse. I bring a different set of tools, knowledge and experience, (and a bit of grey hair) that perfectly augment Livework’s design heritage and core practices.

I am a seasoned consultant, customer experience professional, change driver and people leader. I have a degree in finance and over 25 years experience delivering solid business impact in various roles and contexts. I am passionate about numbers and value quantification, but obsessed with customer orientation, using human centred, collaborative approaches to drive change. I have a strong understanding of value chains, business architecture and change management, focussing as much attention on the people and politics, as the hard deliverables and outcomes.  

Delivering great work for our clients and building the desired culture inside the studio are my joint top priorities. I am working with our entire organisation to create a learning environment that empowers a highly engaged team and a culture that respects  excellence in delivery and creativity alongside work-life balance, diversity, humanity and fun.

We are young despite the years; we are concerned. We are hope despite the times.  All of a sudden, these days. Happy throngs, take this joy wherever you go.

-REM , These Days

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