Alexandra Coutsoucos

With a background in product design, I’m a strategic designer that likes to work combining abstract thinking to the concreteness of tangible and elegant solutions.

I graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a BA in Product Design and moved to the Netherlands soon after, where I started my MA in Strategic Product Design at TU Delft. The combination of these two areas of study gave me the tools to solve real problems starting from researching the source, to the delivery of concrete solutions through fully realised, practical designs.

I have a very visual way of working and think in images. I like to explore thoughts and imagine worlds but I like to create solutions as practical, tangible and aesthetic as possible, without overlooking the depth of the founding thoughts.

After my internship at Zilver, I followed the team to Livework, where I graduated with a project that explored the potential of designers as entrepreneurs. The result of the project is Livework Foundry, a new Livework offer that aims to help corporates with their increasing wish to act like start ups and innovate radically. We elaborated a way to use service design and design thinking as a platform to ideate and develop new radical businesses in a customer centric and holistic way.

Livework gives the perfect ground to help solve issues between companies and everyday customers, maintaining a human perspective throughout the whole process.

In between saying and doing there is an ocean. So let’s start sailing!

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