Webinar: Using design to explore futures and shape strategy

Webinar: Using design to explore futures and shape strategy

  • When:
  • Tuesday, 7 March 2023 at 12:00 am
  • Where:
  • Zoom , Online

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  • Free

Webinar: using design to explore futures

How can design help to understand and define what the world of tomorrow will look like? Our ecological crisis is confronting us with the need to radically transform the way we do business. Yet, in an age of constant change, it is hard to understand where the future might be headed. And even harder to define what you can do as a business to prepare for the future. 

In our webinar we explore the potential of design to help companies get ready for the world of tomorrow. We will discuss how design can play a key role in going from abstract future scenarios, to tangible potential solutions, experimenting, testing and shaping the future as it emerges. 

We’ve asked renowned speculative designer J. Paul Neeley to show us how to use speculative design to create tomorrow’s world today. And Hanne Österberg from Philips will join us to show how her team tests and accelerates development of potential future solutions. 

Topics we will discuss

  • Using design strategically to explore the future
  • Speculative design and some of its key frameworks
  • Putting the theory into practice at large organisations
  • Q&A
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Meet the speakers

J. Paul Neeley is a Designer and Researcher based in London. His current design work explores the social, cultural, economic, and ethical implications of emerging technologies, designing speculative futures that help us engage with possibility as a way of reframing and understanding a new our current state. Recent projects have focused on climate change, happiness, healthcare & well-being, self-quantification, future mobility, AI, synthetic biology, and issues of complexity and computational irreducibility in design and business.

Hanne Österberg is direct-to-consumer Accelerator Leader at Philips. She is focused on creating and improving products, services and user experiences that support parents giving their babies the best start in life. She is passionate about what true people and future insights can do to improve the quality of peoples’ lives and experiences.

Join us

  • Date: March 7th 2023
  • Time: 12.00-13:00 CET (Amsterdam time)
  • Where: online through zoom register here
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