• When:
  • Thursday, 1 June 2017 at 9:00 am
  • Where:
  • Hotel Bristol, Oslo

PULS: A new conference on user-centered design in the health service.

Netlife Research and Livework Studio are pleased to invite you to a new healthcare conference in Oslo Norway, where user involvement, service design and digitalization are central themes.

Participants: We expect many healthcare decision-makers to join us. Language: The majority of the event will be held in Norwegian, but we wish to invite a good selection of international keynote speakers

Tomorrow’s welfare state must think radically differently if it is to meet citizens’ healthcare needs. The biggest potential lies not in medicine and technology alone, but in delivering treatment more effectively. We want to gather those engaged in innovative health care delivery, and provide specific inspiration for improving patient health in the future.

We believe that seeing health and healthcare through patients’ eyes can be an important catalyst for rethinking our current system and developing new and innovative services. By taking an outside-in, rather than an inside-out perspective, we can improve the effectiveness of healthcare providers, and the services themselves. At PULS expert speakers will provide concrete examples and share their practical knowledge of the design tools that make it possible to take a user-centered approach.

Come, see, listen, reflect and build networks at PULS — a new conference on user-centered design in the health service.

Questions? Contact Gerd Løland gerd@netliferesearch.com

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