Service design futures

Service design futures

Liz LeBlanc
  • Liz LeBlanc
  • Associate Head of Design
  • When:
  • Friday, 21 September 2018 at 10:00 am
  • Where:
  • London College of Communication, London

  • Pricing:
  • GBP 22,15

Service design, the next ten years

This presentation will cover how topics like design training, relationships, and human behaviour will change the services we use and deliver. These will have tremendous impact in the future and we’re already seeing evidence of them in some of our current projects. So how will service designers need to navigate these trends to stay relevant in an ever changing world? Services are evolving at breakneck speeds. Our role as service designers may soon be unrecognisable.

SDFutures: Service design, the next ten years.
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