Service Design Days

Service Design Days

Erik Roscam Abbing
  • Erik Roscam Abbing
  • Director
  • When:
  • Friday, 3 April 2020 at 9:00 am
  • Where:
  • Webinar, Online

A blended tomorrow - expanding design horizons with technology

On Friday April 3, the day originally scheduled for the SDD conference, we invite all SDD2020 participants to join us for 2 live streaming panel discussions with some of the keynotes speakers from the SDD2020 program.

In light of our current public health situation, it is definitely the time for designers and innovators everywhere to connect and talk about a future horizon that might be different than we could have ever imagined. Will business remain as usual, or will it change for good? Human behaviour may shift into a new paradigm that may have a lasting impact on how we consume, behave and interact. As designers and innovators, how can we have a positive role in that? And how can technology support us?

The live streaming panel sessions are organised for the SDD2020 participants who already bought a ticket for the conference in September. They have received a personal invitation to register for the online sessions. If you aren’t a Service Design Days participant but would like to join one or two of the sessions, we invite you to send us an email and let us know which session you would like to attend. We will put you on a waiting list and inform you next week Thursday if a virtual seat becomes available. For our email address: visit the SDD website!

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