SDCG2022 - The clover 4: design sustainably by default

SDCG2022 - The clover 4: design sustainably by default

  • When:
  • Wednesday, 12 October 2022 at 12:00 pm
  • Where:
  • Red Cross, Copenhagen

  • Pricing:
  • see SDGC website

We believe the future emerges directly from the products and services we design. Hence, every innovation should deal with the transformation challenge at hand as well as acknowledge and address the effect it will have on our planet. Alongside Desirability, Viability and Feasibility, change should always be looked at through a fourth lens: Ecological Sustainability. 

But how can designers go beyond the customer-centric focus to ultimately encompass the eco-centric lens? How can designers understand and assess the product & service lifecycle’s implications? How can designers capture all the aspects of sustainability (eg. environmental, social)? 

We believe that by structurally integrating these four complementary perspectives in change frameworks and management tools, we can resolve user-related challenges, but balance them with cost drivers, organisational capabilities and ecological ambitions.

In this workshop, we will reflect together on how to systematically invite the sustainability lens into designing, measuring and managing services and how to elevate our toolbox to operate sustainably by default.

Livework is proud to be present at this year’s Service Design Global Conference Courage to Design for Good, by the Service Design Network.


Anna van der Togt 

As Lead Sustainability for Livework, Anna coordinates across clients and projects to ensure our designers structurally update their mental models, approach and toolset to integrate the ecological perspective. As a pragmatic environmentalists, she draws from over 6 years of experience in complex service/system innovation projects and transformation programmes at companies like JPMorgan and Adidas. She leverages this background to work as a catalyst for change for the better.

Cristina Tamburello

As a service designer for Livework, Cristina specialises in service innovation and organisational design. Having worked with both private and public large organisations, she blends her design background and business understanding with cross-sector knowledge. She facilitates a methodical and evidence-based process, and anchors outcomes in the users, business and operational perspectives. Through her work, she aims at supporting organisations to embed sustainable capabilities and approaches to ultimately ensure people-centricity.

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