SD Fringe festival

SD Fringe festival

  • When:
  • Saturday, 20 October 2018 at 2:00 pm
  • Where:
  • The Foundry, London

Working with and for vulnerable people within healthcare

Please join us for this Coloplast-Livework event, where you will be presented with two different takes and perspectives on working with people suffering from often-stigmatised health issues.

Bringing an agency perspective, Livework (working for and with Public Health England and Tower Hamlets) will be presenting a case study about improving mental health services in London. In this session, they will show how Londoners’ stories helped them engage with stakeholders to envision a new service model built on small, experimental interventions. You will hear about how they worked with various stakeholders and people who were experiencing low-level mental health difficulties, including stress, anxiety, low mood, sleeplessness, loneliness, and depression. 
Bringing an in-house perspective, the User Insight team at Coloplast (a global medtech company developing products and supporting service for people with intimate healthcare needs) will present how they’re innovating user research and design from within the organisation. Coloplast was founded 60 years ago, based on the idea of a nurse who wanted to improve her sister’s life post-surgery, and while it has always been in the company’s DNA to listen and respond to users, in the last nine years Coloplast has made a step change in innovating user research and design. You will hear about what it takes to create intimate connections with people who are living with highly stigmatised health conditions, such as a stoma or urinary and faecal incontinence.

These two talks will be followed by a joint Q&A session.

Key learnings:
– Understand how service design is used today when designing for and with vulnerable people
– Spark conversations about not just healthcare and service design, but also user research, co-creation, visions for the future, as well as challenges ahead.

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