How design can enable a more sustainable business

How design can enable a more sustainable business

Ben Reason
  • Ben Reason
  • Founding Partner
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  • Wednesday, 17 March 2021 at 10:00 am
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  • Online , Zoom

A more sustainable business by design

Climate change has become impossible to ignore. Last year saw an explosion of commitments to zero carbon goals. The challenge for many organisations is translating good intentions into real change. Former M&S Director of Sustainability Mike Barry works with senior leaders and teams to understand why their business needs to change and set new corporate goals.

This is where design comes in. Designers are able to facilitate a process of understanding and imagining the future of a business and its customers. The design team at Australian insurer IAG did just this. They understood what the future could look like for their key customer groups and used their future needs to stimulate teams to reimagine each line of business.

  • When: Wednesday March 17th 2021
  • Time: 10 AM GMT (London time) / 11:00 AM CET (Amsterdam time) / 09:00 PM AEDT (Sydney time).
  • Where: Online, Zoom

Join Harriet Wakelam (IAG), Mike Barry, and Livework’s founder Ben Reason in a discussion on how design can enable a more sustainable business. Register here. 

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Meet the speakers

Harriet Wakelam (IAG)

I am convinced that together is better. I currently run the Design Centre at IAG insurance in Australia.  For me, design is a collaborative experience. The team I’ve built convenes new ideas from inside and outside IAG, applying them to the creation of the products and services in this rapidly changing world. As an insurer, we must take a lead on climate change, supporting the growth of resilience in our customers. Design is one of the ways tackle the challenges of mitigation and adaptation.

On a personal note, I’ve been learning about recovery from illness this year, and how to be slow – that agile does not mean fast. I have a wonderful chaotic family, admire bravery, seek to recognise the unique and possible. I love a dirty martini, and relish in mischief.

Mike Barry (Strategic advisor in sustainable business) 

I was born when CO2 levels in the atmosphere were 322.16 ppm today they are 415ppm. I believe we are coming to the end of a 40 year business cycle (1980-2020) in the face of three great disruptions that it’s spawned – inequality (a global economy that’s failing to deliver for the many); environmental (burgeoning consumption is driving climatic, biodiversity and pollution crises); and technology (the 4th Industrial Revolution with the interlinked emergence of Big Data, AI, personalized wellbeing, drones/sensors, the Internet of Things etc).

A new business cycle is emerging one that has the potential to create a more balanced society and supporting economy. But it will not happen by chance nor will it scale at the pace we need without strong leadership; deep engagement of consumers, citizens and employees; all supported by smart and innovative interventions. That’s what mikebarryeco ltd has been launched to help address.

Ben Reason (Founding partner Livework)

I am a founding partner of Livework having set-up the company in 2001. My focus is keeping Livework at the forefront of service design practice and ensuring we continue to create value for our clients.

Having experience of an extremely wide range of clients in very differing sectors with different challenges I have developed an understanding of what works on innovation, design and strategy projects. I know how simple customer insight can help organisations rethink what they do and focus on what matters.

We started Livework because we wanted to have a positive impact on the way people live and work. I am very proud that this ethos of optimism and practical application characterises the attitude of the whole team making Livework days exciting and stimulating.

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