Fluidtime Symposium - Mobility as a service

Fluidtime Symposium - Mobility as a service

Ben Reason
  • Ben Reason
  • Founding Partner
  • When:
  • Thursday, 16 May 2019 at 8:30 am - Friday, 17 May 2019
  • Where:
  • VHS Wiener Urania Dachsaal, Vienna

  • Pricing:
  • EUR 81 - EUR 216

What customers want, what customers get from mobility as a service

The Fluidtime Symposium brings together MaaS experts from around the world – passionate people who are driving change towards better smart mobility in their cities and regions. We target mobility service providers, transportation companies, MaaS app developers, cities and regions, transportation associations, research institutions, and universities.

What customers want, what customers get from MaaS
Cities and regions are opening up the mobility market more and more to new transport services, so there are constantly new private MaaS providers with viable business models. At the same time, citizens and mobility customers show a broad spectrum of different mobility needs and lifestyles. How are new MaaS services entering the public agenda? What incentives or benefits need to be offered to residents to leave their cars behind? And what do travellers expect from MaaS – Will the existing MaaS offering be sufficient to change their mobility behaviour? How do we attract long-term users?

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