Driving customer centricity by design: Stories from practice

Driving customer centricity by design: Stories from practice

Marzia Aricò
  • Marzia Aricò
  • Director
  • When:
  • Thursday, 12 November 2020 at 5:00 pm
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  • Online, Zoom

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What it takes to customer orient a large organisation

In this live webinar Peter Brook – Global Senior Director Omnichannel at Adidas – and Thomas Foster – Global Head of Service Design at JPMorgan Asset and Wealth Management – will engage in a conversation to share insights into what it takes to customer orient a large organisation using design as an enabler. Both Peter and Tom are seasoned professionals with a long experience in bringing the customer at the core of organisational structures and decision making. The session will be facilitated by Marzia Arico, Design Director and Jan Koenders Senior service designer at Livework.
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Marzia will invite Peter and Tom to share their experience in respect to a few key themes:
  • Achieving buy-in: What’s the best way to engage stakeholders and ensure support in your experience?
  • Governance: What governance models are you testing/using to better understand and evaluate the health of services and ensure you prioritise higher value experiences?
  • Partnering with key functions: What are the lessons you have learned on how to best partner with key pockets of the organisation?
  • Articulation of value: How do you articulate the value of customer centricity and how did that articulation change over time?
  • Lessons learned: What are the key lessons you have learned in the process and what advice would you like to give to your peers in other organisations who are on a similar journey?

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