Designing a more sustainable future

Designing a more sustainable future

  • When:
  • Tuesday, 8 June 2021 at 5:00 pm
  • Where:
  • Online, Event

Updates from the "field"

Liveworkers Anna van der Togt & Sanne Pelgröm will showcase designing for sustainable services and sustainable organisations.

For a long time, governments and businesses have been dominated by a modernist mindset, where technological development, economic growth and efficiency have been the main focus. While this mindset has created social and technological progress, it has come with a price. Humanity is facing dire, global challenges: halting environmental impacts like global warming, excessive inequality, reinvigorating a stagnant global economy. Addressing these challenges is, therefore, key to new prosperity.

These challenges are typical wicked problems – open, complex, dynamic and multi-faceted; problems that “you cannot manage your way out of, but you have to design your way out of them” as designer Marty Neumeier would put it.

In the increasing pressure for companies to align their innovation efforts around sustainability, design can play a key role, becoming a driving force for major change at various levels, i.e. products, services, organizations and ecosystems.

Livework and The Imperial Business Design Studio are delighted to invite you to this webinar, where service designers and organizational leaders will share tangible examples of how design can play a multi-level role in adapting human activities, thus helping organizations transition quickly and effectively to a more sustainable future.

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