Designing a perfect start that makes employees want to stay
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Designing a perfect start that makes employees want to stay

As one of the larger energy providers in Europe, E.ON is driven by more than 40,000 employees. E.ON approached Livework in an effort to give these employees the best possible experience. The challenge: to redesign the onboarding of new employees and create the perfect start.

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Creating an excellent E.ON onboarding experience across Europe

In this global collaborative project, we worked together with managers from CX, IT and HR in nine regional units across Europe to create an ideal onboarding process for new employees. Besides the individual employee perspectives, each region also brings their own structures, habits and culture. The challenge was to create an onboarding process that worked with those differences to create the E.ON experience that suits them all.

Onboarding is one of the most crucial stages of the employee journey. According to a study by the Aberdeen group, 69% of employees who went through a structured onboarding process are more likely to be with the company after three years than those who did not.

  • Aberdeen Group


Deep dive into the context of E.ON employees

In order to design a fitting onboarding journey, we needed detailed insights from E.ON employees. We visited 4 of the nine regions to meet recently hired employees and talked about their onboarding experience. By giving the wider project team the tools and training to have quality conversations themselves, we were able to interview over 30 employees in various roles – from customer call centre agents to financial controllers, across all regions.

By combining insights from the qualitative research we were able to identify four employee archetypes, an ideal onboarding journey, and several promising concepts. 

We also tested 3 low fidelity prototypes with employees in Romania to evaluate their potential and to demonstrate that onboarding improvements start with a deep understanding of employees’ needs.


Being able to scale while retaining personal onboarding experiences

The ideal onboarding journey was developed to provide the regions with a shared vision. As the archetypes and ideal journey are based on needs, drivers and behaviours in the onboarding process, E.ON found them to be relevant across regions, departments and generations

E.ON will use the archetypes as a central point of reference to optimise existing onboarding activities and inform the design of new activities.


A playbook to support regional implementation

To ensure these frameworks enable E.ON to work towards a personal onboarding experience at international scale we developed the ‘E.ON onboarding Playbook’. The playbook serves as a blueprint for the regions and includes an actionable overview of the insights and frameworks that helps them to understand what a perfect start looks (and feels!) like. 

The playbook is currently being used to support the nine regions to design new onboarding activities and turn the prototyped solutions into reality.

The speed of acceptance and adoption of the frameworks was faster than I have seen before. I was really pleased with the way Livework supports the building of a community, that is now focused at a human level that totally supersedes national differences. I am even more motivated for the next phase of delivery that will build on this strong foundation.

  • Brendan Leece
  • Senior Customer Experience and Marketing Manager at E.ON

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