Consumers’ willingness to pay for online media services
Client work

Consumers’ willingness to pay for online media services

After previous work with DPG media online services unit, which uncovered unmet customer needs, we worked together to understand the business potential of catering to these needs.

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How to explore new possibilities?

This resulted in 7 validated value scenarios that describe the value customers receive, how they ‘pay’ for this value, and how this exchange is profitable for DPG. To explore new possibilities, we considered payment beyond money; e.g. data & attention.


What kind of research to use?

For the business case we used a combination of qualitative research to develop hypotheses around customer needs and their willingness to ‘pay’, and quantitative research to validate them. This way, we were able to estimate business impact. 

The insights from this project helped the client understand the feasibility of various value scenarios from both the customer perspective and their business point of view.

Through this project, we learned what has real value for our current & potential customers, and how they would be willing to pay for this value. These insights enabled us to improve our offering a lot, for our customers as well as our business.

  • Jeroen Alberdingk Thijm
  • Marketing Manager