Adaptable safety for all kinds of business
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Adaptable safety for all kinds of business

Businesses don’t buy fire safety equipment for the sake of it. They buy peace of mind that their buildings and the people in them are safe. Livework helped Tyco re-think their maintenance service to be more responsive to their varied clients’ needs to drive sales growth.

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From selling and maintaining equipment
to providing peace of mind

Tyco’s clients range from warehouses to shopping centres to universities. Large commercial and public spaces that need to be safe and compliant with regulations.

They understood that they were missing opportunities to maximise their relationship with clients as their offer wasn’t standing out in the market. They sought Livework’s expertise in combining customer-centricity, with a deep understanding of services, to help them transform their offer.


Customer research by frontline staff for insights with impact

We engaged directly with Tyco clients across the US to understand what they needed from a maintenance service.

We gain great insight through this direct engagement – for example, we spoke to the head of security at a University. He said he’s always mindful that he’s looking after people’s children who’ve just left home. This emotional, human aspect of his job contrasts with a warehouse manager who’s primarily concerned about the monetary value of the warehouse contents. Designing service packages that respond to these different needs and drivers was our challenge.

Mapping different degrees of sensitivity to cost and risk for a range of customers led us to propose a service divided into four tailored packages, each with specific communication channels, brand touchpoints and service packages.

To ensure the concept was sound we ran a piloting project, designing discussion guides and providing guidance to Tyco’s sales staff to undertake user testing themselves and helping them analyse and share the resulting insights.

We made a short film to explain and ‘sell’ the idea across all territories. This helped to get buy-in from all stakeholders and ensured the approach with customers would be consistent when launched.

Future Blueprint
Future Blueprint


A long-term relationship with real
business value

The new service has been launched and has resulted in higher customer satisfaction, retention and sales. By designing a service based on real customer needs, Tyco are extending their relationship with their clients well beyond sales. As their website says: “Our aim is to build a long-term, interactive partnership with you through accessible and reliable consultation.”

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