Service Designer London

Service Designer London

Livework drives customer-centricity, organisational change and business impact with service design. We’re 50+ people worldwide, with a clear mission to improve society and business through service design.

We’re a growing organisation, working internationally from locations in Rotterdam, London and Sao Paulo. We’re proud of the work we do, which aims to put human needs at the heart of what organisations do, whilst also making them more effective and profitable.

We work for clients like Public Health England, Mastercard, Danone, Adidas, Lufthansa and even an international producer of horse shoes. Variety is one of the great benefits of being a Liveworker!

For our London office, we are recruiting for a full-time Service Designer.

You’ve spent over 3 years working in service design, or a similar vocation, and are keen on that next challenge, increasing your breadth of experience in one of the leading service design consultancies around. Above all, we’re looking for curiosity, enthusiasm, energy and a can-do design thinkers mentality.

You are:

  • Passionate about service design and user-centred design
  • Knowledgeable in design research, analysis and synthesis to identify insights and opportunities
  • Confident in using service design methods and tools and collaborating with other disciplines
  • Good at working in multidisciplinary teams, but happy to work independently too
  • Strong in spoken, written and visual communication skills
  • Capable to manage your own workload and flexible to adapt to changing demands
  • Fluent in English

We would love to see your CV and/or your portfolio.

Below you will find a more detailed description:


To support the delivery of client projects, planning and executing assigned tasks that cover the full range of service design activities and deliverables. To manage the day to day running of small and medium-sized projects, or work streams within larger projects, including effective delegation and client relationship building. To support business development and internal improvement initiatives, contributing to the overall success of our clients, our people and our business.


  • Lead and perform customer research; plan, conduct and document interviews; lead workshop planning and facilitation; support “sense-making” and synthesis activities
  • Support the process of creation, and take the lead in the elaboration of… ideas, concepts, journeys, blueprints; drive development and testing of prototypes; develop high-quality presentations
  • Manage day to day running of small and medium-sized projects
  • Contribute significantly to writing proposals for new business opportunities and promote the Livework brand through networking and social media
  • Participate in or lead internal improvement initiatives, contributing ideas and owning actions to improve how we work
  • Develop good working relationships with people, contributing positively to the success of and relationships with our clients, and the wellbeing of yourself and other Liveworkers
  • Manage your own delivery against commitments effectively and efficiently, to expected time and quality standards
  • Develop skills and knowledge relevant to our clients and our business, actively driving self-development and knowledge sharing
  • Understand, utilise and make suggestions for improving Livework methods, tools, approaches, policies and procedures for client work and internal matters

Desired Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Three or more years of relevant professional experience
  • Ability to work both independently and in close co-creation with others; to take decisions when needed and be able to create synergy in a diverse team, with specific roles and towards a common goal
  • Above-average interpersonal skills: the ability to truly engage, connect and create trust with colleagues and clients, as well as having a well-developed empathy for research purposes; the ability to “get customers to talk”
  • Above-average visual skills; thinking visually and great at visualising and prototyping, with well developed graphic skills
  • Expert in various software packages plus adeptness at learning new digital tools quickly; an overall affinity with the digital domain
  • Ability to be “mentally agile”; to analyze, reframe and think on both a holistic and a detailed level; to think through human and rational lenses, being able to switch between the two, and know when to switch
  • Ability to facilitate, and be “on stage” in the context of a client workshop, training or public talk; play a lead role in the planning and delivery
  • Ability to apply all core aspects of the Livework design discipline to specific client challenges, at times leading others in the application of the methods
  • Ability to organise one’s own work efficiently, deliver desired quality and juggle tasks when the situation demands; the ability to plan, effectively execute your own activities within budget, flag, and appropriately escalate risks; have knowledge of and apply project management tools and techniques
  • Ability to recognise when help is needed and to engage the right people in an open and constructive way
  • Emergent capabilities in core consulting domains including commercial awareness, understanding and interpretation of business context, logical reasoning and problem-solving and active client engagement (listening, diagnosing, responding, guiding

Demonstrated Behaviours:

Respectful, learning and sharing: Respect for all people is at the heart of what we do. At Livework, we believe that everyone has a lot to teach and more to learn. We will expect you to display respect for others, to seek to learn from your peers, our clients and the wider world and to share what you know openly.

Service-minded and design results-driven: Services are at our core. We believe that seeing the service in everything is illuminating – we look for a passion for service in our team. We also believe that design drives real change when we focus on achieving outcomes for our clients and their customers. The impact we have (not the process) is our ultimate reward.

Humble, bold, empathetic and inclusive: We balance being humble and bold and hope you will be able to do this too. We encourage our team to be bold in their convictions but humble towards the experiences and opinions of others. We expect you to respect and value all forms of diversity.

Optimistic, committed with live/work balance: Optimism is key to our culture. We find opportunities, ideas and solutions for making things better, and infect others with positivity. Also, the key to our culture is a good live/work balance. We work hard but ensure that we are healthy and have a life outside work that enriches us. We look for people who get the balance right and love both.

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