Lead Service Designer

Lead Service Designer

About the Service Designer position:

We are looking for experienced Dutch speaking Lead Service Designers to join the Livework Rotterdam studio (non Dutch please check out our UK openings). You will have the skills and experience to work with our team in designing better experiences for our clients, their employees and partners. Preferably you have experience in developing and implementing customer experience and service design practices in larger organisations and the competencies to train and coach teams to improve these capabilities.

A lead service designer in Livework has three primary objectives: line management of a diverse team of designers, engaging in business development and account management activities, and driving content in project work. By doing so we expect leads to significantly contribute to the overall success of our clients, our people and our company.

What you'll do:

  • Lead business development activities, responding to new incoming opportunities, as well as generating interest with new contacts. Account managing key clients to grow repeat business sales.
  • Oversee the execution of a portfolio of projects, ultimately driving quality outputs and client satisfaction with delivery. For lead roles, this will include a sizeable portfolio of larger, more complex projects for key clients.
  • Travel abroad to work on client assignments as needed by specific client engagements.
  • Directly line manage more junior Liveworkers, creating conditions for their success. Also to be a visible leader across Livework, demonstrating model behaviours and building great working relationships internally
  • Actively contribute to the future success of Livework, promoting efficient and effective working practices, providing strategic input and leading internal improvement efforts.
  • Lead a “Specialism” within Livework – be known as the “Livework expert” in a knowledge domain, method/tool, industry/sector, technology/channel, publicising and promoting this specialism internally and externally in line with our strategic and marketing plans.

What we’re looking for from you:

Eight or more years of relevant professional experience in the following capabilities:

Account and business development capabilities

  • Seeing work from the client’s perspective, anticipating client needs, thinking beyond projects. Desire and ability to build long lasting client relationships through excellent work and people skills.
  • Above average experience in marketing and selling professional services, including understanding client needs/required outcomes, preparing compelling offers/proposals and leading the “pitch and sale” of LW services.
  • Ability to use networking and thought leadership effectively to raise the profile of Livework in its markets, across a range of sectors and subjects

Leadership, management and people capabilities

  • Ability to work both independently and in close co-creation with others; to take decisions when needed and be able to create synergy in a diverse team, with specific roles and towards a common goal
  • Above average interpersonal skills: the ability to truly engage, connect and create trust with colleagues and clients, as well as having a well-developed empathy for research purposes; the ability to “get customers to talk”
  • Ability to organise one’s own and others’ work and Livework Management activities efficiently to deliver desired quality and timeliness; ability to juggle tasks and elegantly re-plan when required as well as recognise when help is needed.
  • Competent in project management tools and techniques as well as account management basics; ability to plan and effectively oversee the execution of a plan, within budget; know when and how to escalate and resolve risks and issues; ability to lead multiple concurrent projects, effectively balancing time against multiple priorities.
  • Competent in growing teams of diverse individuals, supporting them during key phases of their career, adjusting style depending on the individual needs. Skilled at recognising talent and able to support during recruitment efforts.
  • ultiple concurrent projects, effectively balancing time against multiple priorities.
  • Competent in growing teams of diverse individuals, supporting them during key phases of their career, adjusting style depending on the individual needs. Skilled at recognising talent and able to support during recruitment efforts.

Design and consulting capabilities

  • Ability to be “mentally agile”; to analyze, reframe and think on both a holistic and a detailed level; to think through human and rational lenses, being able to switch between the two, and know when to switch overall affinity with the digital domain
  • Ability to lead facilitation, and be “on stage” in the context of a client workshop, training or public talk; ability to capture an audience, persuade and inspire
  • Ability to expertly apply all core aspects of the Livework design discipline to specific client challenges, regularly leading others in the application of the methods. Work with the Head of Design to develop and apply new aspects of practice and discipline
  • Competent in multiple capabilities in core consulting domains including commercial awareness, negotiations, understanding and interpretation of business context, logical reasoning and problem solving and active client engagement (listening, diagnosing, responding, guiding). Understanding of how organizations operate, ability to advise and consult clients at a strategic level. Willingness to work at client site to ensure the work permeates the core of the client organization.
  • Competent in leadership and management concepts and able to apply these effectively, including vision setting, active listening, communication, organisation, driving performance & development, time management, effective delegation, convincing, etc. Playing an active role in shaping and leading x-studio and local studio improvement initiatives and projects.
  • Competent in dealing with ambiguity and paradox, to lead teams through highly complex problems, and provides high-level synthesis to clarify complexity. Practices or naturally has high levels of creative flare, willingness to take risks and ability to encompass divergent thinking in all design related activities
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