July's reads

July's reads

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I read a lot. Mostly not about service design. Because I need to keep a fresh perspective. And because sharing is caring I will offer you a monthly selection of three articles that inspired me, or made me (re)think. Served with a bit of personal context. Let me know what you think!

1. Marketing is out of touch with reality

I really enjoy a good rant, and this is a great one that actually applies to other expertises as well. Thought provoking quote from the article: “Decades of research may have reached the desks of marketers, but certainly not their brains.”

Marketing out touch reality. Can we fix?


2. Digital growth often comes at the expense of customer experience

I often feel as if people think that if they ‘go digital,’ things will automatically improve for customers as well. In this MIT article you’ll find proof of the contrary. It shows that we need to put human needs at the centre of our digital transformation strategies.

Putting Customer Experience at the Center of Digital Transformation


3. The Paradoxical Power of Narrative

John Hagel connects the paradoxical desire to belong to a like-minded group and to be different, with the belief that belonging to a more diverse group is needed to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Opportunity narratives, he thinks, as opposed to threat narratives, could spark such a positive shift.

It’s a very nice read with no clear (re)solution. This forces me to think –  ponder even. I like it when that happens. I hope you feel it too.

The Paradoxical Power of Narrative


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