August's reads

August's reads

Wim Rampen
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Continuing my monthly selection of things I’ve read that I found interesting - because sharing’s caring. They’re mostly not about Service Design. Because I need to keep a fresh perspective. Served with a bit of personal context. Let me know what you think!

1. Are innovation and R&D yielding decreasing returns?

In this article Irving Wladawsky-Berger, a former IBM executive digs into the paradox that the pace of innovation and change is increasing, but that this is not (yet) translated into an increase of productivity. And that’s an issue because growth in productivity drives economic growth and rising living standards.

2. Why the future isn’t digital

Maybe part of the answer to the productivity paradox described above can be found in this great and thought-provoking article by Greg Satell from the Digital Tonto blog: “You can’t rapidly prototype a quantum computer, a cure for cancer or an undiscovered material. There are serious ethical issues surrounding technologies like genomics and artificial intelligence. We’ve spent the last few decades learning how to move fast. Over the next few decades, we’re going to have to relearn how to go slow again.” 

3. The death of Don Draper

I usually hate these “death of” articles, but this article in the New Statesman by Ian Leslie does a great job of describing the ongoing decline and fall of the advertising industry. I think it’s a tragedy because it’s really sad when an industry becomes the very business it hates. The rise of algorithms and micro-targeting means that advertising has become more pervasive and powerful but at the expense of all the creativity that once went into building the cultural meaning of brands.

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