Services add value to products

Services add value to products

Marzia Aricò
  • Marzia Aricò
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Take aways
  • Customers highly value services that simplify the experience of using complex products.
  • Services simplifying complex experiences provide ongoing revenue and foster customer relationship.
  • Optimising products for customers brings services to the next level.

Complex products could be frustrating to customers, but services that help customers select, remove confusion and get the most out of the products are tremendously helpful in improving overall customer experience, and possibly bring in more businesses.

From high-tech manufacturing to complex software, products usually have more functions than customers ever need. That makes selecting and using the products an exercise only for the experts. Therefore, services that help customers overcome these confusion and challenges are highly appreciated, possibly paving ways for even more businesses with those customers in future.

Complex products could be frustrating

Manufactured or engineering products often have complex features to meet the demands of a diverse customer base. These features are usually built in as standard, so every customer gets all of them. Since customers likely just use some but not all features, they seldom get the full value of the product, and wonder if they should have paid less for it.

For every product there are opportunities for manufactures to offer services that enhance the overall experience without changing the core product.

Get the most out of products

Complex equipment like air conditioners are great examples of products being engineered to solve a wide range of problems, but used by customers who barely know how it works. Services that optimise, monitor and maintain equipment provide an opportunity for ongoing revenue and a platform for better customer relationships.

Customers may not fully understand the products and services they buy.

Complicated set-up

Enterprise software products are similar to equipment, except that there is an additional problem of a complicated set-up process. This creates frustration and erodes value for customers. Software product as a service is not only about customers paying for a cloud-based product, but also about how customers are helped with set-up and technical support.

Remove irritations to add value

Services can add value to complex products simply by removing the irritations that come with owning or using them. These products by nature require specialist care and attention, integration with other systems and ongoing maintenance. This is seldom the customer’s core business, therefore likely to become a source of annoyance or be neglected.

Optimise for customers

Beyond basic set-up and technical support, services can move further into a consultative mode and optimise products for specific businesses. To do this, organisations need to overhaul its product development process and look for new categories of customers.

Not just about the product

If you offer a complex product that customers don’t appreciate, you can win their hearts back by offering services that complement the product, help customers use, own and get the most out of it. The overall customer experience will be boosted, and they will even thank you for it.