Know what customers value

Know what customers value

Satisfaction with a public transport system depends on the availability and timeliness of the service. Transport providers must understand that commuters and travellers have different needs, in order to cater to their expectations with relevant and timely information and service. A clean train or friendly staff also goes a long way. When traveller experience improves, services are likely to run more smoothly.

In many public transport systems, infrastructure issues remain the major sources of traveller dissatisfaction. Most people understand these issues are likely to take years to improve, therefore, in the meantime, they appreciate good services from these transport providers to mitigate their ordeal. A fantastic information service, simple ticketing, and competent and friendly staff have great impact on customer experience.

Commuters vs travellers

Commuters travel to work on autopilot. They need immediate help from information services only when unexpected incidents occur and they need to re-route. Travellers, however, need a lot more information and more frequently, so that they can plan ahead and make the most out of the journey.

Having said that, commuters and travellers have one thing in common: they prefer information from a single source that they trust.

Livework helped Ruter (public transport for Oslo) create a customer strategy. This included tools that help employees across the organisation design customer oriented services.

Cater to different needs

People riding public transportation appreciate relevant information about their journey. The relevance of information depends on who needs it, when and where they need it. Therefore, it sets you apart from the competition if you understand and cater to the diverging needs of commuters and travellers.

Public services (and specially transportation) reaches hundreds of thousands of people every day so there is an unique opportunity to educate people to make the city a better place.

Gain trust to use personal data

Many people are concerned about their personal information and privacy. New data is added to the system every time people travel. Transport providers can make people feel safer by offering personal accounts for travellers, for instance. In short, providers should try their best to gain trust from travellers to use their personal data, and return the favor by offering personal services.

Run the service smoothly

Both commuters and travellers prefer simplicity. They don’t want to deal with many different schedules, apps, ticket machines and so on. When transport providers offer people relevant information at the right time, they are creating a better travelling experience, which ultimately helps the service run smoothly.