Experience drives value and loyalty

Experience drives value and loyalty

It is no mean feat to convert digital media users to paying customers. An overarching strategy is to create content that make people want to come back for more, and is delivered exactly the way people want day in, day out. Content providers should make content as easily accessible as possible. Rewarding regular customers can also boost traffic, create a community and enhance the overall audience experience.

Digital media businesses are still struggling to convert users into paying subscribers. In a market where customers have more options than they need and most content are free, it is no mean feat. Businesses need a very clear value proposition and a commitment to deliver that on a long haul.

When customers are overwhelmed by choices, they pick the offer that is most relevant to their needs. They are loyal to providers that deliver what is promised and in exactly the way customers want. When they are unhappy with what they get, they cancel the subscription.

Remove barriers for customers

Businesses should aim at removing barriers for customers to consume their content. Complicated access or inconvenient cross-channel usage may drive them away. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to monitor customer effort in order to improve the interactions with them.

Inspire customers to come back for more

The model of online customer engagement is similar to that of radio. Radio becomes a tangible experience only when listeners tune in. Radio stations work hard to keep listeners coming back. A key takeaway for digital content providers here is that they should focus on inspiring their customers to come back for more. This can be done with a cross-channel strategy that pulls customers back through social media or other direct channels.

It’s things that are tailored to my preferences, a profile tailored to find things that I like. With YouTube I have to sit there and think what I have to search.

Mia, 30, Customer

Reward regular users and customers

Another way to continuously connect with the audience and encourage repeated usage is to recognise and reward regular users and customers. Online games are very good at this. Regular users and customers build a core community that directly enhances the gaming experience. Online media can reward the regulars by offering increased access or additional features, for instance. Rewards are highly valued and help sustain traffic to the site.

The future of online ads

Most users see online advertisements as distractions, and often avoid them. Aligning audience experience with advertisers is hard, but those who succeed will benefit tremendously. The trend will be towards content or service relationship that makes customers aware of the ads through value-added relationship, not distractions.

In a social and mobile world, the ad is your content and your content is your ad.

A savvy digital media strategy

A smart digital media strategy must clearly address customers’ needs for specific content or in specific situation. Once customers are hooked, the focus will then be minimising customer effort and rewarding on-going usage. That way, you can have loyal customers who are willing to pay and always come back for more.